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The Brikk 24k pure gold Nikon Df “Lux” camera can be yours for $41,395

Brikk-Lux-Nikon-Df-camera-and-14-24mm-f2.8-lens-in-24k-gold Brikk-Lux-Nikon-Df-camera-14-24mm-f2.8-lens-in-24k-gold
Brikk announced the price of the 24k pure gold Nikon Df "Lux" camera I mentioned last month: $41,395.

Additional images and information:

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After the price reduction, the Nikon Coolpix A camera now comes a free optical viewfinder

After last week's Nikon Coolpix A price drop, the deal got even sweeter today - the DF-CP1 optical viewfinder ($396.95 value) is now included for free - see the listings at B&H. This is basically half price of what the camera and viewfinder costed two weeks ago.

Grey market Coolpix A cameras are now down to $449 on eBay, the refurbished price is $599.95.

Another new price drop: grey market Nikon D810 camera is now $2,499.99:


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Nikon: “we are not ignoring the DX line”; new “exciting” lenses coming soon

Dpreview published a new video interview with Steve Heiner from Nikon USA. The only interesting point from the entire interview is the statement that Nikon is not ignoring the DX line and we should expect more "exciting" lenses in the near future. The last comment from Steve Heiner  was "go and buy a FX format camera". Here is the entire video:

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DIY: “shaving” a Nikon teleconverter to work with old Nikkor lenses

Ken DePue wrote a detailed step by step instructions on how to "shave" a Nikon teleconverter and make it work with a wider range of F-mount lenses:

For those who shoot with Nikon, you may have noticed that their current lineup of teleconverters only work with certain lenses. This is due to the fact that the front element of the TC protrudes beyond the lens mounting flange. This can cause it to strike the rear element of many lenses.

To prevent Nikon users to putting the TC on lenses not designed for use with them, Nikon added a small tab to the standard F-mount. This mates up with a matching notch in the lens. Without that notch in the lens, the TC cannot be mated to the lens. In this image, the TC on the left has been shaved, while the TC on the right is not.

However, if one were to remove the tab on the TC, then this feature is defeated and allows the TC to be used on other lenses, both Nikkors and third-party lenses.

Now keep in mind..... you are altering the TC without Nikon's blessing, so you are voiding any warranty you may have, in addition to making the TC where Nikon may not provide service for it even if you were to pay for it. Also, keep in mind that many lenses will still not be compatible with the TC after shaving due to obstructions in the rear of the lens, either the glass itself or other physical parts of the lens.

So the standard "Proceed at Your Own Risk" warning is hereby inserted. Proceed at your own risk!

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New price drop: Nikon D610 now costs $1,696.95

The price of the Nikon D610 DSLR camera dropped by another $100 to $1,696.95 (original price was $1,996.95):

  • B&H (free shipping, 2% in rewards and $83 worth of free accessories)
  • Adorama (free expedited shipping, 4% in rewards)
  • Amazon

Follow the links on that page for up to $600 in instant savings when purchasing D610 + lens(es) combo (more combos are listed here):

Nikon D610 sale
For comparison, a refurbished D610 costed $1,679.95 back in March of this year. The price of a refurbished Nikon D610 now is $1,499.95 at B&H and Cameta Camera and $1,579.00 at Adorama.

Update: the price of the Nikon D7100 also dropped to $946.95 at B&H, Adorama and Amazon.

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Sony quietly announced new G Series XQD version 2 memory cards

I have not seen any coverage online for the new G Series XQD version 2 memory cards (used in the Nikon D4/D4s DSLR cameras) that can deliver 400MB/s read, 350MB/s write speed and capacity up to 128GB. All cards also include a USB 3.0 reader ($38 value). The price range from $163.50 to $799.95:

Lexar's XQD memory cards currently go "only" up to 64GB and 168MB/s read speed (write speeds are even lower).

The new Sony XQD cards will start shipping on November 3rd. Additional information from Sony's website:

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Weekly Nikon news flash #286

→ The Nikon D800/D800E cameras are already listed as discontinued at B&H and Nikon's official website.

→ Deal of the day: refurbished Nikon D5200 with Adobe Lightroom 5 bundle for $429.99.

Nikon Europe Warranty Nikon Worldwide Service Warranty
Nikon Europe clarifies the Nikon Europe Warranty and Nikon Worldwide Service Warranty.

→ The Topaz Labs Clarity 25% off deal with coupon code Octclarity ends in 4 days.

Nikon Cinema Blog: Lens selection & focus techniques for DSLR video part 2.

→ Over at dpreview there are some concerns from D750 owners about the exposed jutting cable on the swivel LCD screen. The owner's manual explicitly states to not even touch the connection area.

→ An improved version of the 3D printed grip for Nikon Df camera is now available.

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